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Say Anything - the politicians theme tune

Writing in The Daily Mail (8th Mar 2016), Richard Littlejohn reminds us that:

 “Yvette Cooper, shadow home secretary, announced haughtily that she would be setting an example to the nation by welcoming a Syrian family into one of her own two beautiful homes.”

That was several months ago and nothing has happened since.  

“Pixie (aka Yvette Cooper) turned up on the excellent Nick Ferrari breakfast show on LBC radio, claiming there weren’t enough female voices in the EU referendum debate.”

“She went on to claim that the migration problem would only get worse if Britain votes Leave, and said we must all ‘do our bit’ to help. Ferrari couldn’t resist asking her if she had given a home to any refugees, as she promised.”

Click here to read her evasive replies.

What Richard Littlejohn missed was the rumour that Pixie will soon star in a new musical of Lionel Bart’s classic “Oliver!” Apparently, she has already mastered half of the lyrics (remember the original then sing along for maximum effect):



I’ll say anything

For your vote anything

For your vote’s everything to me.


I know that

I’ll go anywhere

For your vote, anywhere –

For your vote, ev'rywhere –

I go.

Would you give your home?


Wear a white flag?


Let me live with you?


Even fight for Brits?

What? Principles?

I'd risk everything
For one vote -- everything
Yes, I'd say anything...


Anything but do!


Jeremy Corbyn is now demanding that all Labour MPs sing from the same song sheet.



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