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Time to follow Gandhi - the People vs the UK Parliament

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What we can learn from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

In a bizarre twist, we may now have to resort to tactics used by Mahatma (as he became known) Gandhi who practised non-violent civil disobedience in gaining India's independence from Britain in 1947. Today, India enjoys Home Rule while Britain is a mere colony of the EU. How  the mighty are fallen!

We face a similar challenge to that faced by Gandhi, with one essential difference. The forces ranged against us are not external but our own people within the legal, professional, financial, corporate and political establishment. Ably supported by the BBC, these forces are determined that we will remain governed by an unelected foreign power, the EU.

They follow the doctrine, recently espoused by David Attenborough, that the people are not wise enough to make important decisions so the Brexit referendum must be declared null and void. The High Court yesterday (3rd November 2016) affirmed this view with its decision that Parliament, not the People, must decide on implementing Article 50.

David Attenborough, and the rest of the 'left liberal elite, fail to understand the basic principle that Parliament's Power comes from the People. Parliament is not supreme over the British People but subservient to them - and to no other.

The fight-back must begin now - but with peaceful protest.  The following are a few suggestions to start the ball rolling, even before we get to civil disobedience. I will be happy to include more from you. Simply email me at the address below.

  • Local branches of political parties to deselect Remoaner candidates. This could start here in Ashford where Damian Green ignores the nearly 60% of his constituents who voted to Leave the EU (41,472 Leave, 28,314 Remain).

  • Voters in by-elections to vote for Leavers or, at least, abstain from supporting them.

  • Write to the media to express your disgust with the 'elite' and press for the Referendum to be respected.

  • Debate reform of the unelected House of Lords. If the USA, with five times our population, manages with a second chamber of only 100, why do we need 800plus in ours? Click here for a more detailed article on this subject.


The above are personal views and do not represent UKIP policy.



Norman Taylor, November 2016



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