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12 July 2017


The Brexit alliance

During the EU referendum campaign last year, we in UKIP Ashford worked together with like-minded Tory and Labour supporters in a group called Ashford Out. Our successful campaign resulted in around 60% of Ashford voters choosing Leave (much to the chagrin of europhile Damian Green). One of the effective speakers in the campaign was Brendan Chilton, general secretary of Labour Leave. Our Treasurer, Jim Lucy, has just received the following letter from Brendan, which shows that the fight is by no means over.


The anti-Brexit alliance
"Dear Jim

This week a new all-party parliamentary group has been launched to reverse our democratic Brexit vote.

The group, chaired by backbench Labour MP Chuka Umunna alongside former Tory minister Anna Soubry, has representatives of all of the pro-EU parties in the Commons and is the final culmination of the anti-Brexit alliance.

Gina Miller's “Best for Britain”, More United and Open Britain have all thrown their weight behind the new organisation, which looks set to be funded by both Richard Branson and JK Rowling.

Jim, the anti-Brexit alliance has really got its act together and as Vince Cable said over the weekend, “We really do not think Brexit will happen now”.

This isn't "fake news" -- it's a fact, the people that run this country from behind the scenes are attempting to commit democratic theft of our rights and, worst of all, our votes.

Labour Leave is the only campaign that can reach the critical Labour voters, required by the anti-Brexit alliance, in order to advance their Brexit reversal agenda.

Jim, Labour Leave needs to campaign again, and we need to do it nationally. We must inform people of what Brexit really means, we must take back control of the political narrative and not let the anti-Brexit alliance convince the country that staying in the customs union and single market are acceptable.

It's time for the flagrantly anti-democratic and divisive anti-Brexit alliance to come clean about their real intentions to reverse Brexit. The future of our democracy is at stake ... let's work together one last time and make sure that Brexit really does mean leaving the EU."

Yours sincerely,

Brendan Chilton
General Secretary, Labour Leave

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